Are you a Michigan-based soldier who is experiencing financial hardship because of injuries sustained in the Iraq or Afghanistan campaigns?
If so, the FWSF wants to help you.

Contact us today at 1-800-FWSF-729 or email us here.

We support those who serve and protect our country.


As Americans we have all been exposed to the popular sentiment, “Support Our Troops.” We see it on television, billboards, bumper stickers, and hear it spoken of on radio, even with the lyrics of popular songs. But like so many other things in this fast-paced country of ours, it soon becomes part of the background noise of our daily lives.

We know you want to help. We hear the words of support from the public every day. We also hear, “I don’t know how to help.” This is the way. By financially supporting the FWSF, you make a direct and positive impact on the lives of our hero soldiers and their families.

None of our members are paid and 97% of donations go directly to our troops in need.




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